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Wolrldwide Who's Who Names Joanne Sonsire Professional of the Year in Fine Art
Joanne Sonsire, celebrated artist in the Elmira and upstate New York community

HORSEHEADS, NY, October 3, 2013 /Worldwide Who's Who/ -- Joanne Sonsire, Professional Artist working out of her Oct Studio, has been named Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year in Fine Art. While inclusion in Worldwide Who's Who Registry is an honor, only two male and two female members in each discipline are named the Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year. The Worldwide Who's Who selection committee chooses these special honorees based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership abilities.

Joanne Sonsire might have had a late start in her profession - it was not until her forties that she started taking art lessons at a local museum - but since then, she has been met with open arms, becoming celebrated for her watercolor and pastel pieces. After recently celebrating 20 years in the field of fine art, Ms. Sonsire is a regionally and nationally recognized artist specializing in watercolor, pastel and photo transfers.

She is considered to be a staple in the artist community in Elmira and its surrounding upstate New York, most recently recognized for her co-produced horse head installation that runs along a highway in Horseheads, New York. Thirty-nine horse heads sit along this thoroughfare, greeting citizens and passersby alike. She and her husband, Thomas Gardner, worked on this project, and her initials are etched into the mane of each sculpture. Her other accomplishments include induction as a Signature Member into the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and her involvement as a charter member of Women in the Arts Museum.

In an exclusive interview, Ms. Sonsire noted that her professional background is in licensed practical nursing. A graduate of Wagner College, she embarked on a career in the fine arts. Today, she is a member of the Elmira Art Society and an associate member of the American Watercolor Society. She has been honored with an award from both the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center and the Pennsylvania Watercolor society and is the two-time recipient of the Palette Award. Looking forward, she will seek to teach and have her works exhibited in galleries nationwide.

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