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Meet Joanne R. Sonsire

Joanne Sonsire has devoted more than two decades to sharpening her skill set as an artist. She dexterously paints with watercolors and pastels, and continues to learn new techniques with every brush stroke. After taking watercolor lessons at an art museum, Ms. Sonsire was inspired to further pursue endeavors in the fine arts; she is currently a member of the Elmira Regional Art Society. She is also a Signature Member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and a Charter Member of the Women in the Arts Museum. Ms. Sonsire is a two-time recipient of the Arnot Art Museum’s Palette Award, and she has received awards from the Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. She supports worthy causes within her community, and in her spare time, Ms. Sonsire enjoys gardening in her sun parlor and caring for tropical plants.

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